Homelessness in the United States Essay

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According to the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness, “approximately 3.5 million people are homeless each year, while 36.3 million live in households without enough food.” This statistic only reflects the United States, and to many people, it just doesn’t make sense. For instance Alfredzine Black of the YWCA in Marion, Indiana says, “I don’t understand why we have so much poverty in the richest country in the world!” Citizens of the United States have a hard time defining and identifying poverty in their communities, so the country should crate a consistent and accurate measure of poverty. Also, urban growth is leaving people behind and causing unnecessary evictions that lead to homelessness, and this problem can be …show more content…
This number amounts to over 20 percent of the world’s population….(Introdution)
The World Bank monitors poverty and homelessness around the world, but other agencies focus on evaluating the United States alone. One of these is the United States Census Bureau.
In the United States, the Census Bureau sets the official poverty line. The figure used to compute a person’s poverty status includes any earnings, Social Security payments, child support, or other assistance. Then, using the size of the family and the ages of the family members, the Census Bureau determines which poverty threshold applies…According to this poverty measure, 12.5 percent of the U.S. population lived in poverty in 2007. (Introdution)
These studies may be biased or skewed depending on the information available to Census Bureau and World Bank employees who conduct them or the factors used to determine who is poor. For example, the factors taken into consideration by the Census Bureau may contribute to faulty results, since they only determine who is under the poverty line after they calculate how much Social Security money or “other assistance” the applicants receive. It seems like it would make much more sense to learn how well the subjects of the studies are doing on their own before they are assisted, and maybe this way an accurate measure of the homeless population could be obtained, but
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