Homemade Bath Bombs Research Paper

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For my science fair project, I will be making homemade bath bombs, and I will see how changing the amount of cornstarch that I use will affect their fizziness. A bath bomb is made up of several ingredients, mixed together and put in a mold. When a bath bomb touches the water, it becomes fizzy and separates. Bath bombs can have different fragrances, or include bath salts, and can be quite relaxing. The fizzing that occurs when a bath bomb comes in contact with water is the result of a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction takes place between the ingredients within the bath bomb, and the water. The cornstarch in the bath bombs is one of the main reactants that causes the fizzing. The invention of the bath bomb took place in 1989, by Mo Constantine, one of the co-founders of the Lush Company. An article posted on the Lush website states, “Pioneering new products is part of what we do – over time, bath bombs have become synonymous with Lush, and a symbol of what we mean by innovation. A bath bomb isn’t just a way to treat your skin to beautiful butters and essential oils; it creates a unique bathing experience filled with wonderful uplifting fragrance and vibrant color.” The company takes great pride in their bath bombs, and acquires inspiration from aromatherapy and how essential oils can affect not only your body, but your mind as well. …show more content…

Some of these factors are room temperature, humidity, and oil viscosity (which basically means the thickness of the oil). For my experiment, I will be using items that are fairly common and easy to find. The dry ingredients are baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, and salts (preferably Dead Sea salts, but mineral salts work just as well and aren’t as expensive). The wet ingredients are essential or fragrance oils, oil (any light vegetable oil will work), water, and food

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