Homemade Bed On The Floor. Many Children Also Did Not Wash

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homemade bed on the floor. Many children also did not wash themselves often due to not being able to pay bills. Most families could not afford soap to even clean themselves. Many children also had to deal with everyday struggles like underprivileged family coming and staying with them, the need for clothes that were not torn, and the constant stress of school on children that still attended. Many family members of a lower class rank would come and stay with families who were more stable financially, until they too became stable. Many families also welcomed family to stay with them, just to have more people helping out with bills and making the household income stable for the time being. Many of these relatives would watch, raise, and help…show more content…
These children also usually lived off family much longer than children who graduated from college. They would stay with family, focus on their school work, and some even got part time jobs. During the depression if a child got to go to college, that child was expect to take college seriously. School work was to be the first priority, then a job and after that was down time. Getting good grades and being successful in college was not only important to parents, but it was a priority for children, the better the grades the easier it would be to get a job once they had graduated (Everyday Life 1929-1941). Children during the Great Depression did not have much to do in their down time. Children played games, went to the theater, played outside, and helped their parents clean. Children, and many adults as well played many board games during the Great Depression, a few games consisted of Monopoly, Scrabble, card games, and would play miniature golf. Monopoly was created in 1935 by the parker brothers ("Great Depression: Entertainment for Kids," 2016), and in its first few years monopoly had become a million dollar game. The game did not cost much during the depression, so almost every family had at least one game in their home. Some families had more than just one game, because family would come and move in bringing entertainment along with them. Children also played board games in their free time. Children

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