Homeowner Meeting Summary

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This is a request from all concerned homeowners to include the following items on the agenda for the meeting of 24-Sept-2015:
1. Homeowners have not been provided with access to review the books and records (financial documents bills, statements, payments, bank account(s) transactions, year-end financial statements and audits) for years 2012, 2013, 2014 according to the Condo Act.
These records must be:
“open to inspection at reasonable times by unit owners. Such records shall include:
(i) A record of all receipts and expenditures.
(ii) An account for each unit setting forth any shares of common expenses or other charges due, the due dates thereof, the present balance due, and any interest in common surplus.”
2. The non-association gatherings part of the non-association gatherings and parties no. 2015-03 resolution on the clubhouse (we [homeowners] are paying for it) passed by the association board on 12-May-2015, prevent, limit, intimidate, and coerce homeowners of not being able meet on site to
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Members of the board: Samita Loomba and James H. Whitney targeted and tried silence and intimidate homeowner: because he is exercising homeowners' rights to question where his money is going and to determine if the so called "debt" (debt that has not been defined: when [Was it during developer or homeowners managed board?], who [who made the charges?], and what [what were charges that made the debt?]) is legitimate. People who do not want to receive emails at work shouldn't have provided their work email from the beginning to the property management company. They should use other email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Netscape. James Whitney is trying to intimidate by 1. posting an 8'x11' paper on double-glass door, building 3, threatening to call the police and 2. sending a warning (threatening) email dated 14-Sept-2015 via his iPhone. There is another serious issue that will be dealt with accordingly at the time and level we (homeowners) consider it
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