Homer: Blind or Captive Essay

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Have you ever wondered who Homer is? Have you ever heard of Homer? Do you know what he wrote? Do you know when he lived? All of these questions will be answered in the following paragraphs. Homer is an interesting man, not much is known about him, and what is known about him is questioned by the “Homeric Question,” he composed The Iliad and The Odyssey, and that is what his life is based off of. Homer means blind or captive. He was said to be born in 800 BCE, but their is no exact date but they know it is between the 12th and 8th century BCE. He is believed to be blind man, because of a character in his poems The Iliad. He is known for sure to have born and died in Greece or Asia Minor, although no one knows exactly where in…show more content…
He creates a wonderful mythological world for people to dive into. The homeric question is a question that has confused generations upon generations. Its main topics are “Who is Homer?” “Are the epics of multiple or single authorship?” or “By whom, when, where, and under what circumstances were the poems composed?” None of these questions can be answered, because there is no record of Homer. They also have no idea if only Homer wrote the two epics, if they were composed by a group of people, or possible two different people, since there is such a significant time difference between the two stories. This question was not raised until about the third century BCE. Homer was a great poet whether he wrote this or not is questionable, but whoever did write it was a great poet. Now-a-days we know who wrote almost everything, so since we don’t know who wrote this it is a rather confusing and frustrating for people trying to figure out who wrote it. Both of his books The Iliad and The Odyssey are great books about this time period that describe things that we want to know. It also shows things we may not have previously known about the time period. Homer is an interesting man who composed The Iliad and The Odyssey we find out about his life, this also raise the question that is referred to as the “Homeric
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