Homer 's Odyssey : Power Of Cunning Over Strength

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In many famous Greek epics, the storyline usually centers on a character of noble birth that goes through a difficult journey before reaching their ultimate goal. Throughout the tales, the author carefully plans who, what, where, when, and how the protagonist interacts with their surroundings in order to craft an overall message or theme as a takeaway for their audience. Homer’s epic The Odyssey demonstrates this well. While Homer’s epic depicts Odysseus as a strong and powerful king who has won many wars, it is not his strength that propels him to be able to return to his home. If one were to read between the lines, they would realize that one of Homer’s major themes in The Odyssey compares the power of cunning over strength. The theme unfolds throughout the narrative when Odysseus overcomes the challenges that prevent him from regaining control of his home and through motifs and symbols that are scattered throughout the story. For starters, Odysseus is described as a man of twists and turns. Although he does possess extraordinary strength as proven by his victory at Troy and his ability to string his bow in one try, Odysseus actually relies more on his mind to get through the obstacles thrown at him. Take Polyphemus for example. When he and his crew are trapped in the Cyclops’s cave, Odysseus knows that he could not overpower the giant. He also knew that he would not be able to move the boulders aside to open reveal the entrance, as it was too heavy. He justifies this

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