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Homer - obituary Homer is remembered as one of the greatest individuals to have ever lived and the present day society contains a great deal of concepts that he discussed. His poems have served as inspiration for many individuals who succeeded him and continue to trigger intense feelings in people who come across them. Although the time period that he lived in made it difficult for historians to get actively involved in discussing his life, there are numerous accounts regarding the man's existence. It is actually impossible for one to relate to the poet's life without addressing several stories concerning his background and the attitudes that he adopted. Homer was born between the 8th and 9th centuries B.C. and the location of his birth is disputed between several cities. When considering the dialect and the general concepts in his poems, it seems probable that he was born and raised in Ionia. This poet was a very controversial individual and people in the present know very little about who he was or how he lived. It is generally accepted that many individuals living at the same time as him were illiterate and that he probably dictated his famous poems to a scribe. Homer is often regarded as being blind, this largely being a result of the fact that his name is similar to the word blind in some languages. Homer's contemporaries acknowledged the effect of his poems on their society and did not hesitate to appreciate the man's talent. Most remember him as a story teller and

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