Homer's The Iliad

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Many great tales of brave men have always been told throughout history. Most famous stories that are known of brave men took place when wars were fought with swords, and bows, and halberds, and not with guns, and missiles. Although the best of stories of brave men didn’t always happen in real life but only in the thought of man. Even some great have been made into plays, movies and shows. In the book writing Homer has always been a great author, and story teller. Homer has always made stories feel so real, and one of homers best stories “The Iliad” has always been always been told because of it love aspect, its fighting as well as the involvement of the gods. As with all great stories there must always be some sort of love between…show more content…
Although due to all this the Trojans still fight strong, and brave, and many times are strong enough to push back the Arcadians back to their wall. “A Trojan warrior, Poulydamas, suggests they dismount, and make a massive attack on, foot Hector agrees. After much of a typical back, and-fourth of battle, the Trojans finally drive the Achaeans back within their wall. Just when it looks like the Trojans are about to breach the wall, an eagle flies overhead, on the left (this was viewed as unlucky), and carrying a snake. The snake is still alive, and keeps biting the eagle until it finally lets it go. Poulydamas urges Hector to treat this as a bad omen, and not attack the Achaean ships” (Shmoop editorial team). But unlucky for the Trojans, the Greeks had the greatest fighter of them all, Achilleus, and have a great vendetta for the Trojans, for killing his best friend Patroklos, but by enraging the great warrior Achilleus is to be the greatest mistake that the Trojans had done. Even thought that every man in the fight has free will the gods had already chosen who will win the war. Although the people have control of what happens in the war, the gods are the ones with the final say on who wins the war. Even though the gods are supposed to be neutral in the affairs of man, in this war the gods broke the trust and intervened in the affairs of man. Although the Trojans had some gods protecting them from
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