Homeschooling: An Alternative Option of Education but not the First One

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Education is one of the most important platforms needed for people to achieve their long term goals involving a career. Without education, people would not receive the right knowledge they need in order for them to get a job they are passionate about. Students working toward these goals are presented with many options of education including public school, private school, and homeschooling in order to learn the information they need. When parents choose homeschooling for their child, they are taking risks in many aspects because homeschooling is a much different environment and learning experience than attending a real school. As of right now, anyone in the United States is allowed to homeschool their child, but should the government allow…show more content…
The productivity level of homeschool students compared to public or private school students can be much lower because there is not as much accountability for the homeschooler. Students in regular school must make certain grades in order to pass the grade they are currently in. They must also do homework by a certain time, or they may receive a zero or a late grade. Although this all may be true about a homeschooled student as well, the accountability to finish an assignment is much more laid back because they are turning it into their parent, not an actual teacher. Parents homeschooling their children may not be as strict due to the fact that it is their child and they ultimately want them to do well. Another problem is that some parents do not have enough experience or knowledge to educate their child like an actual teacher does. Teachers go to college so they can learn how to educate children, but parents homeschooling their children may not have had that specific education and are not equipped to teach them. Students should be taught by someone who knows exactly what they are doing so time is not wasted and the productivity is at its highest. There are many opportunities presented to public and private school students that are much harder for homeschooled students to receive. For example, school sports teams are available for the students who attend the school. When
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