Homeschooling : An Educational Form

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Homeschooling has existed for generations. Homeschool is an educational form which utilizes parents, tutors, or online classes as the child’s primary teachers. History has seen many notable homeschoolers such as: author Agatha Christie, inventor Thomas Edison, and Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. In the United States today, nearly two million children receive their education through homeschooling. The number of homeschooled children is projected to increase steadily over the next few years. This surge in popularity has presented a crucial question: should homeschoolers have access to public sports? Often, homeschoolers are denied this basic luxury on illogical grounds. In this paper, I will argue homeschooler inclusion in three ways.…show more content…
This fact shows homeschool parents do in fact constitute a crucial percent of tax payers. Taxes contribute an argument for homeschoolers because public schools receive funding from federal and state resources. The majority of these funds stem from property taxes. On average, it costs Americans nearly eleven thousand dollars to send a child to public school for one year (Vo n.p.). As we have established, homeschooling parents are significant tax payers. Therefore, these parents play a key role in funding public schools despite their child, or children, not attending. Opponents of homeschooler access to public sports often cite financial reasons for their stance. Commonly, homeschooled athletes are viewed as a burden on an already financially stressed education system. This argument fails a logical analysis. If absolutely necessary, a participation fee—comparable to that some public sports charge—would be a viable option (Plecnik, ). Additionally, the simple fact that public schools are capable of providing a free education to every child in their district squelches opposition. The homeschooled athletes would not attend the public school. They would not require teachers, daily lunches, or other various costs. Therefore, their participation in sports would not come close to costing the school approximately eleven thousand dollars.
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