Homeschooling : Harmful Or Helpful?

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Homeschooling: Harmful or Helpful?

Parents are typically held accountable for making decisions on how their child is raised, what rules will be implemented, curfews, punishments, and nevertheless, their education. When it comes to education, parents are responsible in deciding where their children will be educated and this decision includes some enticing options. The topic of homeschooling has indisputably been up for debate in many eras, cultures, and locations. Ari Neuman and Oz Guterman (2016) state that the question relics, which educational strategy is more effective, which is better? Since every child benefits from being educated, the way in which their education is delivered is under substantial examination since every individual
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These two counterpart choices in education have been an ongoing controversy for such an extended amount time due to the concernment of what effects a child gaining his or her education in the comfort of their own home rather than a more engaged learning environment. Some argue that homeschooling is so controversial due to the issues of socialization or lack there of, time and financial constraints on the family and/or parents, and it simply being less effective and enforced than that of the alternative, public school, in terms of academic achievement and overall stature, (Martin-Chang, Gould, & Meuse, 2011). Additionally, traditional schooling is shown to provide more educational opportunities and important personal interactions between peers and teachers. (Korkmaz and Duman, 2014). On the contrary however, others argue that homeschooling raises greater academic achievement, creates strong familial and parent-child bonds, has the potential to build greater self-motivation and a sense of responsibility, while potentially keeping children out of harms way whether that be bad peer influences, bullying, drugs and alcohol.
As we know, homeschooling rates are rising as the years go on. Researchers Martin-Chang, Gould and Meuse exclaim that there are currently more than 1.5 billion children being homeschooled in the United States alone, taken from the National Center

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