Homeschooling Is A Better Option Than Public Schooling

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Homeschooling is the traditional form of education where parents are responsible for teaching their children from home. This form of education is nothing new it 's what people have always done. Education laws were not passed until 1918. It wasn 't until the 1960’s that the homeschooling movement begun. There are many different reasons parents have for homeschooling such as religious views, unhappiness with the current educational system, allowing children to develop character and morality, convenience, ability to travel and strengthening family bonds, Many people wonder whether homeschooling or publics school will be best for their children. The outcomes of homeschooling are often superior to public school education and prepares children for the adult world. The proof for the success of homeschooling is undeniable and the statistics do not lie. Homeschooling is a better option than public schooling because it gives children the freedom to learn and devote their time to activities that the family values as worthwhile. Children who are homeschooled learn about closeness and depending on each other. This fosters community and the sharing of experiences. An increase in adult-child interaction gives opportunities for families to reach common goals and set up stronger relationships. Homeschooling promotes family. Families have the right to encourage their values and beliefs in their children. While public schools are convenient for many people and have their benefits it…
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