Homeschooling Is Becoming A Fast Growing Educational Trend

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Homeschooling is becoming a fast growing educational trend in today’s society. “The National Center for Education Statistics estimated that 1.1 million students received their schooling from home in the United States in 2003. This number represents approximately 2.2% of the entire student body in America. By contrast, only 15,000 students received home education 20 years ago.” (Jr., Ronald Kreager) Parents have not always had a constitutional right to homeschool their children. It was not until the middle of the nineteenth century that homeschooling was legal. Even then there was a lot of consiversiry over the laws homeschoolers and their parents should have to abide by.
In 2014 a dear friend of mine named Sally was faced with the realization that she had been woefully undereducated. She had been homeschooled since she was little and at the age of 16 still did not have the educational skills to complete 6th grade basic work. She was far behind and her mother was not determined or skilled enough to teach her what she needed to know. Sally wanted to get her GED but was faced with the realization that she could not even do sixth grade work. Is homeschooling really the best fit for everyone, or is it just the easy way out? Homeschooling can be a great fit for certain Georgia households; however, it is not for everyone due to the lack of requirements, accountability, and parent education level.
Some homeschooled families live in several different states while homeschooling
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