Homeschooling Is Becoming A Method Of Education

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Albinus T Clark Dr. Anne Kennedy ENGL102 Jan 18, 2016 Recent statistics indicate that homeschooling is increasingly becoming a method of education that is accepted and trendy. Homeschooling is now a fashionable choice for many of the young professional looking for the best education for their children. However, the question that arises is whether this form of education is right for our children. For parents, making the decision of instructing their children from home is not easy. The topic of homeschooling is controversial and involves issues such as social and cognitive development, standards, governmental involvement and safety (Merry, & Karsten, 2010). Those who oppose homeschooling argue that too much is left for…show more content…
Research reveals that the positive claims made are true in situations that are safe, but lost in cases that are extreme. The priority in homeschooling should ensuring educational support and safety for students being homeschooled as the state works towards making sure those parents who want their children to be homeschooled get the opportunity. There is a lot of information available that can be used to support the concerns that have been raised by the opponents if homeschooling. In many situations, parents have absolute control over their children and the homeschooling environment. There are states where homeschooling is monitored and children are required to sit for standardized tests in various grades. This is an example is the only form of major assessment for homeschooled children. Unfortunately, most states require very little from parents who choose to home school their children as some do not even ask for any form of notification from parents offering homeschooling. In such situations, parental discretion is viewed as law in terms of formal guidelines. This parental freedom can be of benefit to children, but at the same time it can make them loose out. The opponents of homeschooling also argue that homeschoolers’ educational experiences might end up being harmful and dangerous due to the fundamental stance that parents have. Parents fail to take an active interest in teaching their children, instead they choose to give them
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