Homeschooling Is Becoming A Method Of Education

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Albinus T Clark
Dr. Anne Kennedy
Jan 18, 2016

Recent statistics indicate that homeschooling is increasingly becoming a method of education that is accepted and trendy. Homeschooling is now a fashionable choice for many of the young professional looking for the best education for their children. However, the question that arises is whether this form of education is right for our children. For parents, making the decision of instructing their children from home is not easy. The topic of homeschooling is controversial and involves issues such as social and cognitive development, standards, governmental involvement and safety (Merry, & Karsten, 2010). Those who oppose homeschooling argue that too much is left for parents who end up teaching their children anything they want and limit their contact with other environments and perspectives. In many cases home schooling is linked with potentially abusive situations and extremism and these are hard to identify when the children are in isolation. Additionally, those who oppose homeschooling state argue that parents often go for homeschooling because of displeasure or fear as opposed to making a choice on the basis of what is best for their children. Those in support of homeschooling argue that children who are homeschooled end up being advanced and healthy learners since they get attention as well as being in control of their learning (Rivero, 2008). The proponents also believe that a parent knows and…
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