Homeschooling Is Best Defined As The Education Of Students At Home

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Homeschooling in Relation to religion
Homeschooling is best defined as the education of students at home. This has been around since the 16th century and started in western culture. In most cases parents place their child in a public school setting and then choose to homeschool their child. This can be for many different reasons however the most propionate is religious affiliations. The parents of a child might feel so strongly about the religious beliefs that they feel as though this should be incorporated in education. In public education there is a separation of church and state. Meaning, a specific religion is not to be taught in public education. It is interesting to see the correlation between religion and homeschooling. We should ponder if homeschooling and the significance of religion help a student succeed? This is important to the parents and mass public. When a child’s parents often worry about where their child will go to school and the interaction with other children in the school. It is key for information regarding homeschooling and religion to be explored to help clarify the public, making it easier for parents to make this tough decision. Historically homeschool as been around for a while but, “Since the 1980s, the US has experienced an increase in the number of homeschooling families. It is estimated that the number of homeschooled children has grown 15–20% annually (Bauman, 2001) and now totals about two million students (Murphy, 2012)”
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