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How would students feel if all they had to do to get a good, well balanced education was to go a few steps into their very own living rooms? What if they could ask questions interact and get involved as much or as little as they choose to, be able to go at their own pace, and get the personal help that they need? This can be easily done through what is known as homeschooling. According to the Oxford Dictionary, homeschooling is defined as an education received at home rather than at school. In contrast to the common belief held by parents that homeschooling will hinder their child's social skills and will not provide the best environment for a serious education in addition to not giving students more opportunities in their future,…show more content…
Homeschooling is highly distinguished by the ability to give exact and individual attention, which allows teachers full focus on the student, while being able to grasp the errors and be able to give the student the appropriate methods in order to attain steady development. According to a Canadian college department head, who moved to Abu Dhabi eight years ago, having her eldest son homeschooled in his early education served many advantages for him through identifying the weakness and strengths in his abilities of learning. Moreover, she believes that homeschooling was much preferable for her son Who was socially shy, rather than having her son taken to junior kindergarten which would have probably affected him psychologically in his future, forcing him to play with the other children when he may not have wanted to. In other words, homeschooling does not only provide students with individualized attention and focused learning, it also provides them with an expedient environment for such a purpose. The second argument for people who are in conflict with homeschooling, is that they presume that having their children go to schools and being adhered to the school`s Curriculum will be much more advantageous to the students as they learn with better influencing study materials; though homeschooling offers a superior cogency when it comes to the control and access of the study material. Students who are homeschooled can easily collect information and

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