Homeschooling Persuasive Speech

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Homeschooling Persuasive Speech NAME: David Breaker SPEECH #: 4 SPEECH TITLE: Homeschooling SUPPORTING MATERIALS SOURCE(S): “Disadvantages of Homeschooling”. Homeschool Companion. July 20 2014. Merry, Micheal S., and Sjored Karsten. "Restricted Liberty, Parental Choice And Homeschooling." Journal Of Philosophy Of Education 44.4 (2010): 497-514. Sorey, Kellie, and Molly H. Duggan. "Homeschoolers Entering Community Colleges: Perceptions Of Admission Officers." Journal Of College Admission 200 (2008): 22-28. Home Schooling Quotes. (20 Feb 2015). Retrieved from ORGANIZATIONAL PATTERN: Chronological Comparative OUTLINE I. Introduction A. Attention Getting Device…show more content…
3. This will require the parent to be doing constant research or will cause the student confusion due to the parent having trouble with the work. 4. In an educational institution, the teachers are educated and have a background with the material they are teaching. They can provide quick answers to difficult questions. C. Time 1. Many parents just don’t have the time or diligence to homeschool a child and may not realize how much work they need to be doing on their part. 2. If the child does not understand a certain concept they may blame the parent for their struggle. 3. This could put the parent in an awkward place because they may not understand the concept themselves and the student believes that they cannot figure it out. 4. In public schools the student can compare themselves to others and realize that they might not be working hard enough if others have figured out the concept. TRANSITION: Another issue that can prove problematic in traditional homeschooling is motivation III. Lack of motivation 1. Sometimes students do not feel motivated to work hard when they are not surrounded by others that share a common goal. They may feel like they are alone with their academic endeavors and may lose motivation. 2. They might feel like they have missed out on making friends and special events such as prom and look back feeling bad about it. 3. Sometimes staying at home makes people feel like they

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