Homeschooling in the United States: Types, Pros and Cons Essay

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Is Homeschooling A Good Educational System?

Once a parent has child that is old enough to start school, the parent has to think about if they want to enroll their child in public school or homeschool them. Today, many parents are homeschooling their children. A U.S. Department of Education’s report shows that approximately 1.5 million children were being homeschooled in 2007 (Lips & Feinberg, 2008). This is almost 3 percent of all school age children (Lips & Feinberg, 2008). A private researcher, the National Home Education Research Institute, estimates 2.5 million children were being homeschooled in the 2007 – 2008 academic years (Lips & Feinberg, 2008). By either count, homeschooling is growing exponentially.
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Children learn differently and homeschooling can quickly respond and adapt to what is best for the child (Terry, 2011). In the home, the child is the sole focus, rather than one of many. In the classroom, the teacher has to focus on the majority of the students, leaving the slower and the quicker student out (Terry, 2011). Often, if a child has dyslexia or attention deficit disorder, they fall quickly behind. The parent can spend the additional time and effort to make sure the lessons are structured so the child can learn. For the quicker student, lessons can be structured so they are more challenging.
Second, if the school system is poor, a child should not be forced to attend a failing school. As a matter of fact, the majority of parents (31%) chose homeschooling because of concern of the environment in the public schools (NCES, 2004). This concern includes both the social and the academic environment. The homeschooled student is away from peer pressure of drugs and alcoholism and away from violence (Terry, 2011).
Third, many teaching at home want to instill beliefs in their children not taught in the public schools (Hadderman, 2002). These beliefs can be religious or moral (Hadderman, 2002). Many believe the liberal establishment is found in the majority of the classroom (Taylor-Hough, 2010). In the current liberal environment, there is a clear avoidance of religion in school. Parents do not want to follow the non-religious curriculum.

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