Homestead Case Study In College

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The variety of required classes at Homestead High School provides students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge in familiar areas while also exploring areas of potential interest. However, with a few alterations to the curriculum, students would receive a more well-rounded education. Currently, English is the only class that Homestead requires students to take all four years, resulting in an incomplete educational experience. To combat this issue, Homestead must require its students to take mathematics, science, history, and literature all each year. Additionally, although Homestead offers both Introduction to Java Programming and Advanced Placement Computer Science, neither is required. The UC Should Encourage Computer Education editorial discusses the importance of requiring computer science classes; they encourage a greater percentage of students to potentially pursue careers in the heavily growing field of technology. In order for Homestead’s students to be…show more content…
Although students are provided with a variety of different subject areas to choose from, they are not provided with enough prerequisites necessary to take the more accelerated courses. One example of this includes how Homestead offers students the option to enroll in either regular Environmental Science or Advanced Placement Environmental Science; these two extremes fail to present some students with a moderately difficult course. To effectively combat this issue, Homestead must provide its students with a greater number of Honors level courses. With the addition of such classes, many students might find themselves more comfortable with pursuing more challenging courses they might not have when presented with only two extremes. bridge the gap between the accelerated and regular classes which would be much more advantageous to the
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