Homework And Standardized Testing In Schools

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“One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat” -Napoleon Hill. Homework is work that is assigned to a student from a teacher. Standardized tests are tests that are very long and very important not just for you but for your teacher too. Those who do not think homework and Standardized tests should not be in schools get bad grades and that causes you to not know what is going on during class and for your teacher to not know if you really know what you are learning or not. Homework and Standardized tests should be in schools because it helps to learn responsibility and it isn’t just for the students it’s also to evaluate teachers.
Homework and standardized tests should not be in
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I know because according to gary gutting, an opinionator, reported to The Learning Network that, “The first question is whether a test actually tests for things that we want students to know. We very seldom simply want students to do well on a test for its own sake. Tests must require or demonstrate some valuable knowledge or skill, like knowing how to multiply, understanding the Civil War or being able to think critically. It is entirely possible for students to fail tests on such topics and still have, for example, the mathematical abilities or historical knowledge we want.” This supports my evidence because it shows that standardized tests and homework help you know things for the future and it helps teach responsibility for future references. For example, when you have a test it’s your responsibility to study for it in order to get a good grade on it, same thing with homework, if you have homework it’s your responsibility to do it in order to have a good grade. Additionally, in the text it said,”Both sides are vocal about the pros and cons of standardized testing and the high stakes increasingly riding on the outcome. Low scores can prevent a student from advancing to the next grade or lead to school closings and teacher dismissals while high scores factor into tenure decisions and continued federal…show more content…
In the text it said,” Tests used to be just for evaluating students, but now the testing of students is used to evaluate teachers and, in fact, the entire educational system. On an individual level, some students and parents have noticed a change — more standardized tests and more classroom and homework time devoted to preparation for them” (“The Learning Network”). This evidence shows that the students aren’t the only thing that matters it’s also the teachers. If the students do bad on the standardized tests in falls back on the teachers because they are teaching them to know everything that they know. In the text it said,”Several states have tied student performance to teacher evaluation. The National Council on Teacher Quality reported in January 2014 that “about a third of all states had adopted evaluation policies requiring teacher evaluations to include objective measures of student achievement as a significant or preponderant criterion in teacher evaluations.”
But the report noted, “Over the past five years, 37 states have improved their overall teacher policy grades by at least one full grade level because of significant reform, particularly in the areas of teacher evaluation and related teacher effectiveness policies”(concordia
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