Homework Assignment : Learning Plan

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Homework Assignment 1: Learning Plan The Learning Plan is an important document containing key goals, expectations, self-reflections on strengths and weaknesses, my outlook on success and failure; and ultimately, how I deal with disappointment. By developing my Learning Plan, I will create a roadmap to my success in Bus4053. 1. The following are two or three personal goals for the course/semester. Why? Creating and setting personal goals can help my personal development. For the first semester, I have two personal goals: academic soundness and developing soft skill. The first goal is performing well academically. I feared, after being away from university for 20 years, I would have some difficulty adjusting to the pace and expectations in an academic situation. To help achieve this goal, I intend to utilize available resources at George Brown College such as PeerConnect to get study tips, and to try to ensure I do not fall behind with required reading or assignments. To do well academically would enable me to obtain the IIBA Academic Diploma in Business Analysis Program, potentially gain a co-op work placement and eventually a career as a business analyst. The second personal goal is developing my soft skills such as public speaking and socialization. Normally, I have a natural tendency to be introverted; and consequentially, I need to create challenges or milestones to change my introverted behaviour. I am thinking of trying to start a business analyst
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