Homework: Beneficial or Not?

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What is homework? Most students might say that homework is a time waster and is unrelated to learning. Both are logical statements in the eyes of the average student, but what are the facts and why is homework part of our school curriculum? Homework has been a standing tradition in America since the 1950’s due to the education war with the Soviets. Ever since the ending of the Cold War in the early 1990’s, the American consensus openly welcomed homework as a part of school curriculum. Homework is in our modern American roots, and it is so effective it has stayed in our foundation. Homework is beneficial to young scholars in our school system to this date: it is helpful and beneficial in the way to reinforce knowledge learned in schools, it provides clarity and room for the short class schedule, and it also forces the need to use responsibility and time management.

Reviewing and reinforcing topics learned in school is an important way to clarify and to extend the realm of comprehension that students need in order to pass standardized tests with flying colors! Some students may not fully understand the topic, such as “systems of equations” in math, and may not notice their ignorance for a certain part until they try to do their homework. Of course, that is why there are teachers and not textbooks that stare at you in class, however, learning and understanding topics on your own during silence and solidarity may be beneficial to most students. Twenty-five percent of learning
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