Homework : Busywork Or Beneficial?

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Homework: Busywork or Beneficial? “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Found in Proverbs 1:7, this verse set up how Christians should prioritize both learning about God and learning about the world he created and the laws he set up. With this in mind, learning does have an interesting quality about it. It means discovery and adventure and exploring a world that He made. All too often, however, I find myself hating the idea of school, an institution engineered for children to learn. That doesn’t mean I don’t like learning outside of school, but I’ll admit I do separate the two. School goes, for most classes, into the “boring, useless information” pile and the good classes and learning on my own go in the “exciting discovery pile”. Homework usually is the culprit of this stigma. Although homework may be a necessary evil, it should have a clear educational purpose and should never be busywork. This method of smart teaching already exists in multiple places throughout the world and the mindsets of many successful people have demonstrated this bent in education. Homework doesn’t always equal a quality education; rather the productivity of the homework manifests in how much the homework proves both memorable and enjoyable. If learning means the new, the different and thrives under discovery, then shouldn’t the learning system change just as much as the children’s minds it expects to mold? What does learning consist
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