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Guffey-SEEFER, Business English, 11e – 70 points WORKSHEET, CH. 3, NOUN PLURALS FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH THE CORRECT PLURAL FORMS FOR THE NOUNS SHOWN IN PARENTHESES. |1. |Every day we must send many (copy) of (fax) to our suppliers. | | |2. |A flood of computer (virus) is causing (worry) for businesspeople. | | |3. |The (Murphy) and the (Ross) plan to vacation on Maui. | | |4. |All (entry) must be submitted on official contest (form). | | |5.…show more content…
|All woman and children who applied received complimentary passes to home games. | | |14. |The prices of potatos and tomatos vary, but the prices of loafs of bread remain fairly constant. | | |15. |Did you notice that turkies, avocadoes, and steaks are on sale this weekend? | | |16. |Both of his son-in-law made long journeys to attend his graduation. | | |17. |Although the stock market had its ups and downs, our two CPAs continued to invest. | | |18. |Because the Lopez sold both propertys, they had to register two bill of sale. | | |19. |Some of the goose flying south for the winter landed in bunchs on the lawn of the Kennedys. | | |20. |All knifes, glass’s, and china dishs had to be washed separately. | | Guffey-SEEFER, Business English, 11e WORKSHEET, CH. 3, POSSESSIVE NOUNS UNDERLINE ANY INCORRECT POSSESSIVE FORM AND TYPE A CORRECTED FORM IN THE SPACE PROVIDED. TYPE C IF THE SENTENCE IS CORRECT. |1. |In five years time, social networking has totally changed the way company’s interact with | | |

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