Homework Helpful Or Harmful?

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Is homework helpful or harmful?
The homework controversy has been going on for a quiet a long time with no end in sight. Homework is defined as an out of class task assigned to the students to help with practice or prepare for the future. Homework has been around a long period of time. It has set and traced as a tradition of having teachers assigning work and students completing it. Parents say that teachers require it and teachers say’s that parents demand to help their kids to finish it. Teachers assign homework to help some students improve their grade, pass course, re-learn the subject you learn in the class, and pass the course for those of who do not do well on tests and exams. Can homework be considered helpful or harmful? This interrogation turns into an argument or debate between two reasonable subjects. Especially for the student’s athletes or any students who enjoys after school activities, homework hurts probably the most. The assignments take away time, which could be spent on doing more productive actions or spend time with your family or may cause unnecessary stress.
Parents, educators, students and indeed general public have all deeply divided over the homework issues for a while. When a student’s falls asleep in class, he or she is unusually is disciplined for it. “The parents of the younger K-12 students are revolting against the reportedly increasing amounts of homework assigned their children (David)”. The parents are not happy about their kids to do
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