Homework Is The Thing That Controls Most Of A Teenagers Life

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Makeila Merrick November 1, 2014 Argumentative Essay Mrs. Durrant 1st Hour Homework in Moderation = Successful Students Homework; the thing that controls most of a teenagers life. Most students have three or more hours of homework per night. It puts a strain on students sleep, social and family life. “Some school districts [like ours] are considering time limits on homework and a few are considering making homework optional” (Toppo). I completely agree. An hour of homework should be the time limit for the amount of homework that students in our school district should have because it increases achievement levels, covers required materials for standardized testing, and teaches students time management skills. Homework has had a direct…show more content…
We need the happy medium of one hour because achievement is much attributed directly to homework. Along with achievement, teachers need to teach certain material for standardized tests. “Teachers [and] administrators … are required by the state to cover a certain amount of material” (Kohn). They do not have a choice. They are being told by the state what they need to teach. In order for the state to check this, “there are standardized tests” (Kohn). The district is being constantly evaluated on these tests. “Everyone--students, teachers, schools--is being evaluated on those tests.” (Kohn). Their has to be the homework element to prepare students for these types of tests. Everyone is being evaluated on them. But, the homework shouldn’t be done to the exhaustion of the students. That is why there should be a limit of one hour placed on homework so that students do not become exhausted and unable to do anymore homework in the following days. Even by the end of the school year students become too worn out to perform on their standardized tests. Moderate amounts of homework help students to perform well on standardized tests and remember the information that they are required to learn, without wearing the students out. Along with learning required material, another task that will be necessary in the students’ future lives is time management. “Time management is one of the skills that a successful high-school student will need.” (Greenfeld). By learning the skills
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