Homework Isn’t The Answer

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Homework Isn’t The Answer Prioritize; this is an idea that I was taught to make use of at a very young age. I was instructed to analyze what was on my agenda and decide what task had the most value at that current time. It is an unrealistic idea for college bound students to be able to complete all of the “home learning” as well as all of our other daily expectations. Over the last ten years, children in grades 3-12 have seen assigned homework increase up to 40%. I personally have four teachers who told me to expect 2 hours of homework a night. At least I have a choice though, right? I can “do the work or drop the class”, but unfortunately our classrooms are overcrowded so I can’t switch to a more reasonable teacher of the subject... and too bad I need these credits to graduate. There’s that word prioritize again. Assuming I went to school and only 3 of my teachers assigned me the said homework I would be left with 12 hours in my day (6 hours were spent at school and supposedly 6 hours were spent on homework). Now, According to the National Sleep Foundation, teenagers need 9.5 hours of being unconscious to not suffer from sleep deprivation (1). SO lets say I got my 9 hours of sleep, did my homework, and went school. That would leave me with less than 3 hours to eat, practice personal hygiene, commute, go to work, and do everything else expected from schools and colleges; extra curricular activities, sports, volunteering, studying, applying to universities…
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