Homework Never Stops For Full Time College Students

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Homework never stops for full-time college students. A rule of thumb for college courses is to spend double the time spent in class at home working on class work. For example, I spend fourteen hours a week in class. This means I am required to spend twenty-eight hours a week working on assignments and studying. Full-time college students can easily spend more than forty hours a week on classwork alone. One project, paper, or assignment could easily take two to three hours alone. Speaking from personal experience spending two hours straight on one assignment can easily lead to stress. Students who put off assignments till the last moment are going to get stressed out easier than others. These students have to worry about getting a good grade, finishing the assignment on time, meeting the requirements for the assignment, and turning in the assignment on time. Homework is the number one cause of stress on a full time college students. The second biggest cause of stress on full-time college students is the cost of school. The cost of college is increasing every year. With this number growing more students are finding it harder to pay for schoo l every year. This can easily add to the stress that full-time college students are already under. The number of student loans is growing as the price per credit hour increases. College students who take out loans to pay for school then feel like they cannot enjoy all the activities. Football games, basketball games, or just going
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