Homework Takes Away From Family Time

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Introduction In the beginning of the twentieth century homework was viewed as an exceptional practice that helped students learn through practice and repetition. In recent years parents and educators were concerned that homework is taking away from “social experience, outdoor recreation, and creative activities” These experiences are necessary to a good childhood. So, let’s think about it, is homework necessary for success in school? Homework over the last few decades has increased dramatically, and people are trying to question if it is necessary The amount of homework given to students should decrease. The extensive amount of homework takes away family time that is necessary to child development. Also, stress that can can come with homework can cause health issues. The amount of homework given to students can cause students to cheat off students answers because they did not finish. Also, most of the homework that is assigned is not necessary in learning the material. The extensive homework takes away from family time. Childhood is the most important time to spend time with family because is can cause family separation issues With homework taking up most of a child’s time, there would be no time for quality family time that is need for a good family bond, which can lead to issues like not trusting other family members. Family involvement in education can help get families involved in school and knowing what their child is learning Having a parent not involved it their

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