Homework is Out of Control

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People expect so much out of teenagers, especially the students who are involved in sports and maintain a job throughout the school year. They are expected to attend classes and their extracurricular activities; they have to make it to work on time, finish their homework, do their studies, and on top of that, get enough sleep at night. This is the kind of busy schedule students uphold in their week and it’s overwhelming for them. It causes stress and exhaustion, and people still expect them to do well and keep up with everything. Is this how we want students to feel all the time? Sure we want them to accomplish goals and be the best they can be, but one way to relieve some stress is less homework. When they come home from work or sports…show more content…
Even a professor by the name of Harris Cooper at the Duke University found connections between students and spending time on homework. Firstly, he found that elementary school students improve study habits with only a small amount of homework. Secondly, middle school students are willing to do homework within ninety minutes each night, and thirdly, high school students are willing to do homework within ninety minutes and two and a half hours. Anything after those times, they start to think of it as busy work and lose the interest in learning (DeNisco). Homework also affects teachers. They spend countless hours checking papers, grading tests, planning lectures, and creating the students’ paperwork. It’s no wonder people feel like teachers are not appreciated and paid enough. They put so much effort into these tasks and they’re taken for granted, but there are solutions to this. One would be to give out less homework and just take more notes in class on lessons, and a second would be to let kids grade their own papers. Teachers would save so much time and energy by allowing the students to grade. Grading papers would also help students be able to see what problems they missed, and understand what they’re having difficulties with. They could make corrections on the assignments and learn from mistakes, thus preparing them even more for tests and quizzes. Grading their own papers is just another effective way of learning, and isn’t that the purpose of education – to
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