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Homicide Homicide Forensic science plays a huge part in our criminal justice system today. But where did it get its start? What procedures are utilized today to help investigators solve our everyday mysteries when it comes to crimes? In addition, what forensic aspects in the video “Welcome to Homicide” were used to finally get a confession of murder? This paper will discuss these topics and elaborate on some of the key evidence that was used to close this particular case. First, let’s begin with where and when forensics is aid to have gotten its start. The basic sciences began to develop in the late 18th century, and many of the early developments in forensic sciences took place during the 19th century (Gaensslen & Larsen,…show more content…
The investigation unit had several personnel doing specific tasks trying to uncover different possible pieces of evidence. Each one had a separate job, but all were working towards a common goal. There are certain personnel duties and responsibilities which are necessary in almost any major search operation. It is important to note it may not be feasible to have one person assigned to each duty. It is very common for one person to accomplish two or more duties. For all positions, interest and attitude of personnel are huge concerns. Training and experience will only be used to best potential when team members possess a positive attitude. This human side of evidence response teams is significant due to the long hours and attention to detail often required of personnel (Relentless.com, 2012). The evidence that was used during the investigation in the video was key as I stated previously. The blood and prints that were found in the car at the scene of the crime showed that no other persons were involved. The eye witness at the complex that remembers seeing that particular vehicle that the victim was found in was what headed the investigation in the right direction. Combing the scene inside and outside of the crime scene uncovered the shirt that was used to muffle and conceal the weapon that was used to fire both shots into the
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