Homo Erectus And How Were They Like Us

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Homo Erectus and How Were They Like Us
Kai Yang
CSU Fresno

You are a young hotshot physical Anthropologist with the discovery of the century. We probably know less about Homo erectus then we did 20 years ago. But your new site and find answer all the questions. Tell me what Homo erectus was like and what data proves your case. How were they like humans and how were they different.

Throughout history, humans have gone through evolution and adapted to new environmental changes to survive. One would wonder how they manage to survive and dominate the Earth for so long. A possible ancestor to humans known as Homo erectus (sometimes called Homo ergaster) may have been the reason why humans have been so successful in survival today. Homo erectus has been a live about 1.89 million years ago to 143,000 years ago. He was the first hominid to leave Africa and was also known as Turkana Boy in Africa, Peking Man in China, and Java Man in Indonesia. H. erectus gained his name for being able to stand upright or have an erect posture. One can say that they are the pioneers of the Old World because they were the first hominid to master the use of fire. Once evolution took place, they began developing larger skulls. This allows their brain to grow larger, thus becoming even more intelligent. Because of this, H. erectus became very successful in creating cultural technologies that allowed them to adapt to new environmental opportunities. Through speculating this
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