Homo Incurvatus

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1. Explain St. Augustine's concept of homo incurvatus in se.
St. Augustine’s concept of homo incurvatus in se means to turn in on ourselves. We focus on our selfish wants, desires, and needs instead of on God and others. God is no longer the foundation and center of our lives, but we make ourselves into gods and idols of our own lives; placing ourselves in the place where only God should occupy.

5. What does living in community expose in our lives and why is this important to our spiritual formation?
Living in community will expose selfishness, ambition, jealousy, dissension and impurity in ourselves, allowing us to experience loss, despair, and stress. Even so, all of this is important to our spiritual formation because we mature as Christians,
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We often read the parable of "the good Samaritan." Who were the Samaritans and what was their relationship with the Jewish people in the time of Jesus life on earth? Briefly explain.
Samaritans were foreigners brought from Babylon that settled among and intermarried with the poor and uneducated Jews. They mixed their pagan practices with some Jewish traditions, however, the Jews that returned from captivity rejected them because they viewed them as outsiders and non-heirs to the Kingdom of God. So, when Jesus came the relationship between the Samaritans and the Jews was extremely strained.

3. What is the spiritual result if I arrange my life so that "I keep others who are different at a distance"; so that "I am surrounded only by churched people or those who have the same socio-economic background"?
The spiritual result is that I am not loving my neighbor as myself or going after those different from me like Jesus did. How am I imitating Christ is I am not following and modeling my ministry after his? Jesus went after those considered unworthy and underserving just because they were different. If I refused to follow those principles, I can never uphold the Christian faith, as that is the core of Jesus death and resurrection. Additionally, I will never learn to understand the worldview of others, to be empathetic, learn to show compassion, or learn to show unconditional love, all which imitates the image of
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As we pour into others, God continually pours into us; continually working in and through us conforming us to the image of Christ through serving others.

Chapter 8:
2. How did the church father Tertullian depict the Trinity?
Terullian depicted the Trinity as a tree.

4. What characterizes the life of the Trinity?
Mutual submission and complete sharing characterizes the life of the Trinity.

5. Each of the members of the Trinity exercises a primary function in the relation between people and the Godhead. Describe the function of each member of the Trinity.
Each member of the Trinity has a primary function. The Father is the creator, who originates the plan of salvation. The Son is the Redeemer, who provides the remedy for human sin. Lastly, the Spirit, who is the Sanctifier applies this salvation, growing new spiritual life.

7. The Greek terms theia physis have what meaning to Christians?
To Christians, the Greek term theia physis means that they are incorporated into the very life of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit.

12. What is meant by the "immanent Trinity" and the "economic Trinity"?
The immanent Trinity is God in Himself, which differs from the economic Trinity of God going out to
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