Homocide Detective Essay examples

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John Williams

The criminal justice system has so many areas that interest me. The area that interests me the most is homicide. The reason being is because growing up I use to watch TV shows such as the first 48, Law and Order, and New York City Undercover. These TV shows showed how the criminal justice system works. Some of these shows accurately tell stories of homicide and how law enforcment officers handle the case. I have always been interested in becoming a homicide detective simply so that I can help victims and their family has justice. I feel like the death of a loved one or friend is even harder to deal with when the person who murdered them is still walking the streets. I hope to one day show people that even though the
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To me the criminal justice system allows people to grow along with their job. In this system the older you get the more knowledge you gain about the whole system. Though the criminal justice has plenty things that I like, it also has some things I strongly dislike. My biggest dislike doesn’t have anything to do with the system today but it has a lot to do with its past. A group like the Innocent Project has exposed a great flaw that our system use to have and still has today. A lot of innocent people have served time for a crime they didn’t commit. In the past a lot of young black amil have gone to jail a long period of time for a crime they didn’t even commit. Groups like the Innocent Project have given them a second chance to tell their side of the story and truly be heard. There are plenty of people in jail today still waiting on their constitutional right to a fair and speedy trail. Even though I know it’s next to impossible for them to go back and reexamine every case from the past I feel like they should at least try to do the ones with the greatest flaws within the case.
Another major dislike I have for our system is if you a lot of money most of the time you can beat the system. A lot of celebrities today have found a way to use their money as a way to beat the system by hiring the most expensive lawyer and using the
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