Homophobia Hurts Everyone By Warren J. Blumfeld

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Throughout our society today, the debate of sexual orientation has been plastered throughout the media. There are many issues throughout our country that conflict with a traditional viewpoint. Day by day, awareness has been spreading about the issues facing the LGBT community. Throughout much of the reading, I have seen both sides. The side that has tormented many through discrimination and oppression as well as the side that has been liberated and is proud to fight for the rights of themselves and others. How could you be so scared of a person that has no interest in hurting you? What if that person is your family or your best friend? Would you still be terrified of them because they like the same sex? In his article, “Homophobia Hurts Everyone”, Warren J. Blumfeld (1992) brings to light the issues that homophobia cause in everyone’s lives. The people who are homophobic continue to blindly perpetuate fictional stereotypes, while real people are hurt by the hatred. Not only does homophobia hurt the LGBT population, but it also hurts those that are close to them. What about the siblings or the parents of someone that is suffering from the hatred that comes from homophobia? Not only do they see the pain that their sibling or child is going through, but they also are ridiculed themselves. For siblings, it can put them in difficult situation. Do they stand up for their sibling or do they have friends and avoid the ridicule are well? It is a tough question to ask a child. Also,

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