Homophobia Is Still Very Much Alive And Well

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Jacob Peterson Professor Jennifer Tynes Writing 150-62 6 March, 2017 On the Road to Ending Homophobia Homosexual. A word many of us don’ t think much of. Homosexual by definition is, sexually attracted to members of one’ s own sex (Dictionary.com). In contrast to homosexual, homophobia by definition means, unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward homosexuals and homosexuality (Dictionary.com). Homophobia is decreasing, but at a very slow rate, and is still held by a large sum of people, whether it be implicitly or overt. Though it may not be as overt as when the Ancient Greeks didn’ t even have a word for homosexual (syndicate.com). Homophobia is still very much alive and well. First, homophobia has been around and…show more content…
I walked up to the floor manager and said I’ m looking for a tie, I need to wear it to my boyfriend’ s party, I’ m planning on wearing a blue shirt; you know the basics. The floor manager bustled around picking up every necktie he thought I would look good in based on my color choice and event style. Every single tie the employee brought back was bright, pink or purple. I told him that he doesn’ t like those colors or that it was too ‘ loud.’ I pointed to a white tie across the room and asked him about that one and the man replied with, “Well that would look good with blue but don’ t you think you should pick a tie a little, you know, gayer?” I walked out Nordstrom empty handed that day, leaving a handprint behind on the managers face. Even though, I have experienced homophobic action towards me personally on more than one occasion, this is not a problem that only I face. The amount of people that have to live with a homophobic community is astounding. Stonewall is the largest LGBTQ+ rights charity in Europe and on their website, Stonewall.org, they compiled a list of actually how many LGBTQ+ people have experienced homophobia in many different situations. The list revealed that, one and four people have heard negative remarks about the gay, lesbian and bisexual community. The list also touched upon the workplace. In the workplace, a staggering one and five employees who are

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