Homophobia in Society

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Explain and critique masculinity as homophobia. Homophobia: -noun irrational fear of, aversion to, hatred of, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. According to Merriam-Webster's Medical Dictionary, that is the definition of homophobia. Interesting isn't it? to see homophobia on the same page as hepatitis, herpes, and HIV among others. Before this class I wouldn't have expected to find it there. I mean honestly, what significance could homophobia have in comparison to those other three seriously-taken "real" medical terms? Despite homophobia being a matter of life and death as well, probably the most serious aspect of the disease of homophobia is…show more content…
Traits of masculinity would be the possession of power, status, money, wealth, strength, consistency, and dominance among other things. The loss of any one of those characteristics is deemed as humiliating to a man, and a man will go on the line and do almost anything to prove and maintain his masculinity. "Violence is often the single most evident marker of manhood." In our very own male children, if you go to a playground and ask 6-year old boys "Who's the sissy here?" they will most likely begin to fight or expose one of themselves as the sissy of the group. (Kimmel CP pp. 218) In our society masculinity is overdone and exaggerated and this is due to the feeling most men experience of a lack of power. In observing our society, men are very powerful and dominant as a group, as providers in families of income, protection, and oftentimes holders of positions of status that demonstrate power. To the individual man, it is "not the feelings of power" that they feel, "but of those who see themselves as powerless." "Men do not feel powerful as individuals" and for this reason, deep inside them they feel insecure, and this comes back to the point of why men do masculinity for other men primarily. (Kimmel, CP, pp. 220) In feeling a lack of
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