Homophobic Perspectives

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Would you go for it if there is chance for you to go overseas and see what really the word is all about, or would you rather staying in your comfort zone where you are not even able to see how much biased you are? In most cases, we make sense of things through our ability to see and to think; in other words, our perspectives are the mechanisms that we label things such as, good, bad, helpful or dangerous. Expanding one’s perspective is very essential to expand the way s/he analyze things, and doing this requires experiencing new things, interacting with people from different backgrounds and having empathy toward them. Doing study abroad in the United States has made me realize that I wasn’t an open-minded person, but a person who is biased…show more content…
Probably, you wouldn’t blame because loving something is a personal choice and not being able to afford it is just what happens sometimes. If this is that simple then why our attitude changes when it comes to be respectful about homesexulatiy? Humans are likely to develop fear toward people that they don’t know or people who are not like them, and this fear turns into hate which then causes discrimination. My homophobic perspective toward people’s gender identities was a result of this situation because back in Turkey I was living in a small town where homosexulatiy wasn’t accepted. Coming here and withnessing homesexuality let me question myself. I had a gay teacher who teaches English through theater at Kaplan International English. At the beginning, I was reluctant about going his class because I wasn’t feeling comfortable about being in a class with a person who identifies himself as gay. Things have started to change and I felt ashamed of myself once I got to know him better through acting and going out together to have coffee and lunch. For example, last year, there were many terrorist attacks have happened in Turkey and every single time he has has asked me if my family is okay and provide emotional support for me which was so valuable because it was the major point…show more content…
We are all blinds of our nonsenses until we leave the place where everybody almost have the same ideology with us and realize another word exists outside of our comfort zone. As a student whose perspective about unfamiliar people has changed through study abroad, I strongly recommend everybody to do that because listening other people's stories is our only hope to get rid of the hatred inside of us and to start liking each other even though we don’t look familiar. Once we do that the world will become a more liveable place where kids can be
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