Homosexual Adoption

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October 25th, 2013 Is Homosexual Adoption Acceptable? Homosexuality is a topic that has gained much interest in the past few decades. It seems as each year passes, more and more acceptance of this lifestyle come into light. However, when it comes to homosexuals wanting to create a family, a problem is created. In some states homosexuality is accepted and embraced, which enables this group to adopt a child as if they were heterosexual. There are many levels of argument to this topic to be addressed. Some believe that gay adoption should be legalized nation-wide, while others believe it should be banned everywhere. There are some strong opinions as to why this
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The focus is not on homosexual adoption, but on what is best for the child being placed in that home. The process of adoptions goal is to find a suitable home for the child. Being raised with a mother and a father is the best environment for the child. Orthodoxy Today reports that “the scientific fact is that children's health is endangered if they are adopted into households in which the adults - as a direct LeGore 3 consequence of their homosexual behavior -- experience dramatically higher risks of domestic violence, mental illness, life-threatening disease, substance abuse, and premature death by up to 20 years.” (Orthodoxy Today) This should enable the state to do anything and everything it can to protect the children from this disadvantage and to give them as many advantages that are possible. This is done by doing everything to make sure they go to a stable home with a mother and a father. To create an environment where the child is safe and not exposed to the type of behavior that will affect the choices they make down the road. The interest of the child being adopted should always be of the utmost importance. The fact that the parents are gay or straight is not the main issue. The safety and well-being of the child is what should be taken into consideration before anything. Discrimination is not the goal of denying homosexuals the ability to adopt children. The well-being of the
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