Homosexuality: A Natural or a Chosen Life

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Homosexuality, Natural or A Chosen Life? Today, America is still faced with segregation issues, only today it isn’t about the color of skin but about your sexual orientation. A private matter that is suppose to be between two individuals, whether they are heterosexually or homosexually married, has become an issue of society. When it comes to finding a job, getting married, and all the legal rights involved in a marriage, homosexual couples are criticized and in some states not allowed. If it is proven to be natural, meaning no one has control over the people they choose to love, how could one deprive another from that happiness? Why should homosexuals be treated differently if it is proven that they have no control over the sexual preference? Well, the opposing side believes that homosexuals choose their orientation,and they are the groups that stand behind these anti-homosexual laws and believe that they should deal with the complications that come with loving the same sex. The only chance that homosexuals have is being able to prove that it is natural and therefore should be given the chance to pursue the “American Dream”. Homosexuality is a complicated aspect of our natural world, and there are many factors that can cause a human as well as many other species to become homosexual, some which are choices, but research has proven that sexual orientation is genetic and that there are only a slim amount of environmental interaction factors that effects one’s orientation,
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