Essay about Homosexuality: A Public Issue?

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Homosexuality: A Public Issue?

Richard Mohr believes that outing closeted homosexuals is morally justified. He argues that sexual orientation is not a private matter and therefore, does not violate a homosexual's right to privacy. He believes that outing will increase the homosexual community by creating positive role models. He argues that remaining in the closet is morally debasing and creates indignity to one's self. Claudia Card on the other hand, argues almost the complete opposite. She takes a utilitarian stance on outing "the big secret." The big secret is referring to one being a homosexual. She believes that outing is justified as long as it does no harm, which she believes is unlikely.

Mohr's definition of outing is
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Mohr says, "The dynamics of the closet do not comport with what a right is." He says that a right means a permission to act as I want. However, it does not pertain to the closet case because the closet is coerced by economic and moral standards. There is economic coercion because if outed, one might lose their employment statues. There is moral coercion because one has been socialized that being a homosexual is wrong. Mohr's underlying thought is that no one chooses to be in the closet; rather they are forced to being in the closet.

Mohr's next argument is against the right to secrecy. He says that there is no right to secrecy unless there is an explicit agreement. Secrecy about the closet is rarely the result of an agreement. It is more like an unwritten social convention held by the gay community and therefore outing is justified. Mohr argues that the irony of "the big secret" is that its intention is to protect the homosexuals yet it is a "complete capitulation to the general social belief that the only good gay is a nonexistent one," which leads to Mohr's theory on the theft of dignity.

Mohr's last justification for outing is that being in the closet steals one's dignity. He says, "The closet case tries to assure his happiness by maintaining his closet [but] what the closet case does in maintaining his closet is to barter away his self-respect, his worthiness for respect, his dignity, his happiness, regard, and
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