Homosexuality And Its Effect On Society

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(GENERAL) Fifty years ago it would not have been necessary to write an article on the subject of homosexuality. It wasn’t a topic that was discussed in public, it was illegal, against the law and those who were engaged in any type of same sex relationship did so quietly and discreetly and largely away from the public eye. That was to change dramatically with the increase of Postmodernism, as a more tolerant and inclusive society emerged, the subject of homosexuality was brought out into the open and society had to deal with it. At first there was a clear distinction between the individual and the act but soon there would arise the cry of social injustice and discrimination, a cry for equality and acceptance. Today same sex relationships …show more content…

Church and state were separate, and one didn’t impede the other, but that is no longer the case. As the popularity of same sex relationships increased it was clear that the church would no longer remain unaffected, it had to come to a consensus, it had to make a stand, it had to step off the fence. Sadly, the subject has had a profound effect in the church, the issue of same sex relationships has opened up deep divisions within the various churches as Christians struggle to come to an agreed position that is acceptable to the faith community. The subject of homosexuality has raised many debates within the church and many denominations are currently discussing the subject at the very highest levels of the church. At congregational level the churches are virtually split down the middle with conservative and Liberal Christians arguing for their opposing views. These discussions have caused churches to splinter as it becomes evident that the opposing sides in the debate can never be reconciled. The conservative arm of the church maintains a biblical consensus that it is an ungodly practice that must be condemned and the liberal arm of the church maintains a more compromising position claiming that the bible does not in effect condemn a loving and committed same sex relationship therefor leaving a gulf that can never be spanned. (CHURCH MUST DEAL WITH IT) Same sex relationships are an issue that the church has to deal with, it cannot walk away from this regardless of the

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