Homosexuality And Its Effects On Society

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Homosexuality remains a sensitive matter to the heart of individuals in America. From the past to the present, protests, debates, and laws have showered American history, showing a divided nation to eyes from the outside. However, with the growing exposure to homosexuality in this nation, it is becoming more clear that Americans are expressing and accepting it as a society norm. Of course, this spectacle started way back when Moses scribbled down the Lord’s word and created the book of Leviticus, dictating what are sins and what are not. The most controversial was homosexuality. The translation of God’s words is continually manipulated throughout history and there are explicit translations of His words in the arts. Whether it be in…show more content…
The more attention that homosexuality received initially, more backlash and hate came with it. Several examples of this are included in art work, specifically, paintings. Paintings are so essential because it the one of the most original forms of tangible art that generations have today. One example of homosexuality being portrayed in a painting is in “The Last Judgement” from Michelangelo. This painting portrays over ten men intertwined while some kiss and others embrace other men to show their celebration of ascending to heaven. This was groundbreaking at the time because there were not many paintings of homosexuality. “The Last Judgement” set a tone for the era and soon after that, several other artists began to showcase his or her interpretations of homosexuality through artwork. A more recent example of homosexuality in paintings is a giant mural of angels in the opening sequence of The Leftovers. This mural shows a woman on top of another woman in one area, and a male embracing another male from behind. When asked for the reasoning behind this, Garson Yu, the artist behind this sequence states that he “wanted to include different types of people, no matter their sexuality” (Whitney, par. 5). This shows that although homosexuality is a controversial subject today, homosexuality is still being portrayed in a positive light, just as it was
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