Homosexuality And Religious Identity

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Furthermore, many christians can not come to terms with their sexuality and many homosexuals are struggling with their religious identity. This identity crisis is a struggle that many people go through because people believe that one can be either but definitely not both. In the story we understand that Edward had stayed away from home for many years. He does not come to visit his grandmother or even come to spend time in his hometown for the holidays. He stayed away from his town and church only sending card and sometimes talking to his grandmother on the phone. Ms. Maggie has had a hard time trying to understand why his son never came from the city to visit home and it was not until he died that she grasp why he stayed away. He stayed away because of his sexuality and the conflict it brought up with his religious identity. Edward believed that his grandmother would never accept him as a gay person and the church would also reject him. He struggle with been religious as his grandmother has raised him and been gay. He did not see how the two reconcile and this created and identity struggle for him. This was proven by the research that many people like Edward have and identity classh when it comes to being homesexual and religious. In a reasearch done to identify faith and exual orientation in gay college men it was realized that “lack of acceptance for gays and lesbians by many religious denominations directly influence their faith development” (Gay 375). When homosexulas

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