Homosexuality And Stereotypes

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“In almost all societies, people identify a group of sexual actors as disgusting or pathological, contrasting them with “normal” or “pure” sexual actors (prominently including the people themselves and their own groups)" (Nussbaum, 17). This allows for the politics of disgust, to play a key role in stating what society defines as normal or obscure. If an individual does not fit the norm in society, they will automatically get stereotyped. An example stated in the article depicted societies to state that Jews are "slimy" and "similar to maggots"(Nusssbaum, 16). Different locations are also found to rely upon the politics of disgust depending on how sanitary they are deemed to be; Cameron states that acts that are deemed as disgusting…show more content…
Joe Borowski, stated that "I don't regard Homos as human beings" (Warner, 110). "Additionally, gays and lesbians were being fired from their job or evicted from the residences when their employees or landlords discovered that their homosexuality was not seen as distinguishing characteristic that led to discriminatory treatment by others" (Warner, 118). The above quote analyzes that through the politics of disgust, it can affect individuals' lifestyles. Moreover, one's gender and sexuality can lead to the politics of disgust to further emphasize the mistreatment of individuals. Obscenity also co-relates to the politics of disgust to further the notion that certain individuals are being stereotyped and labelled as "not normal". "Obscenity law aims at preventing the formation of certain thoughts—typically, erotic ones—in the minds of willing viewers (Koppelman, 1637). Obscenity mainly concerns graphic materials that may be seen as "disgusting" to other individuals (Koppelman,1637). Other people may be offended by multiple obscene images, while others will not find anything wrong with it (Koppelman, 1637). Just like the politics of disgust, it might not be disgusting to others as it might be to…show more content…
A big aspect to obscenity is harm, but in obscenity, harm cannot be 100 percent prevented just like politics of disgust cannot be 100 percent changed. An example of this is child pornography, "Obscenity is to be distinguished sharply from child pornography, which is prohibited because children are harmed in its production and the harm cannot be effectively prevented so long as there is a profitable market for its products" (Koppelman, 1637). Obscenity, like politics of disgust plays an important role in law. Acts of obscenity do not mean that "the law should police what we feel" (Koppelman, 1639), just like society should not tell individuals what is disgusting or unlawful. Another way that it cannot be controlled is due to self-centeredness, "The first sort of objectification will here be called “self-centeredness.” It occurs when one is so focused on one’s own gratification that
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