Homosexuality: Choice or genetic?

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Homosexuality has become an important issue in our community creating much controversy. The liberal citizens of our country congratulate those who have made the hard decision to “come out.” The decision to be openly homosexual is hard for some because of the rare acceptance that they receive. Society has made it so hard for homosexuals to be accepted, given the discrimination and hate crimes against them. The rights that have been taken from homosexuals, such as marriage, have led to a quest for knowledge on the question of whether homosexuality is biological or simply a choice. Researchers and scientists have been working diligently to find the answer to this question. If homosexuality is proven to be biological, many doors could open…show more content…
The direction of the difference supports an overmasculinization of gay men. The differences found in genetically determined physical traits supports my belief that homosexuality is more than a choice.
Simon LeVay 's work on the anterior hypothalamus is the most widely discussed and debated research in the area of sexual orientation and neuroscience. He discovered a physiological difference between the brains of heterosexual and homosexual men. LeVay examined post-mortem tissue from forty-one subjects, and his research found a correlation between brain structure and sexual orientation (Rana). LeVay found a significant difference in the size of the part of the hypothalamus in heterosexual men and homosexual men. This region was two to three times larger in heterosexual men than in gay men (Rana). Such a difference could hardly be due to individual choice.
Homosexuality has not only been studied in human beings, but in animals also. There have been animals in the wild that have been found mating with the same sex of their species. Male gorillas court and couple with each other, grizzly bear families have two mothers, male swans form pair-bonds with one another, and female long-eared hedgehogs have oral sex (Bagemihl). These animals are in nature
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