Homosexuality Deserves Respect

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Homosexuality rights have always been a controversy topic around the world. According to the basic law of Hong Kong, all citizens shall have equal rights (Chan, 2012). In the beginning of this article, brief background information of homosexuality is provided. Then, the following paragraphs will show reasons why homosexuality should have human rights by analyzing this issue in three perspectives which includes human right, respect to others and rights to get marriage.

Background information
The discrimination of homosexuality is prevalent around the world nowadays. Take Russia as an example. Vladimir V. Putin, Russia’s president, who signed a few laws to declare war on homosexuals in 2014 (BBC). The adoption of Russian-born children is banned to gay couples and also to people living in any country where equal marriage is respected (BBC). Also, Police officers has the authority to arrest tourists and foreign nationals who suspect of being homosexual and detain them under the new law. Russian gay rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev is attacked at a demonstration (BBC). Another antigay bill classifies ‘’homosexual propaganda’’ as pornography. Moreover, Teacher in Russia will be subjected to arrest and fines if they teach students that homosexuality is normal (BBC).

Besides, According to the statistics on…

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