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Homosexuality from a New Perspective

Sexuality means many different things to different people, especially sexuality of a homosexual nature. Everyone has their own personal ideologies about sexuality, many of which have been forced on us by mainstream society's portrayal of what of is right or wrong. Bersani's objective is to take these societal sexual idiosyncrasies and turn them upside down to reveal how he feels gay male sex should be. In Bersani's article, Is the Rectum a Grave?, he entertains ideas of the self, sexuality (especially homosexuality), and power. Bersani believes that abolishing the self opens many options sexually and psychologically. He rejects conventional ideologies pertaining to sexuality like gender, identity
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An additional argument Bersani makes against conventional notions of what most people deem "normal" sexual activity is that he celebrates and almost glorifies homosexual promiscuity saying that "Gay men's ‘obsession' with sex…should be celebrated…" This according to Bersani, is shocking to people considering the huge AIDS epidemic because "AIDS offers a new sign for the symbolic machinery of repression, making the rectum a grave." Bersani argues against this homophobic notion by saying that gay sexuality should not be hidden and pushed aside. Heterosexual people with "heterosexual anxieties" use AIDS as a tool to discriminate against homosexual men saying that sex with multiple partners is wrong and dangerous; however, I found the article giving off the notion that for the gay male community, what is more dangerous is not having sex because of that.
Bersani's innovative ideas about sexual promiscuity and sexual equality signify the need for change. His ideas for change, however, are not backed up with sufficient evidence and lacks a plan which people in need of this change can carry out. Through a culmination of MacKinnon's and Dworkin's work, Bersani has come up with "the redemptive reinvention of sex…" which "has as its very condition of possibility a certain refusal of sex as we know it..." with an "agreement about sexuality as being…more respectful of "personhood" than it has been…" Does this reinvention mean that there will be equality? This
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