Homosexuality : Homosexuality And Homosexuality

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Kendall Bridges
Mrs. Vest
English 12
10 April 2015

You Wouldn 't Understand, You 're Not Gay

Homosexuality is one of the most sensitive and talked about subjects among society today. Heterosexuals keep their mouths open negatively about gays. Whereas homosexuals decide to keep their lips sealed on the subject. Most straight individuals are ignorant to the fact and the being gay is all negative. They make up their own minds to not understand what it is about. They discriminate homosexuals everyday and some degrade homosexual without even knowing that they are doing so. Homosexuals are denied their right or even have them taken away just because of who they are. What is homosexuality? Homosexuality is the act of being attracted to the same sex, whether it 's on a sexual, physical, or maybe even an emotional level. This sensitive topic is always misunderstood. When the world hears they word "gay" they suddenly think the worst. Fists lines a homosexual could hear is that, Homosexuality is a mental illness, homosexuality is a choice, homosexuals are prone to catching and spreading diseases, an maybe even hear that God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Adam or Eve and Eve. They may even hear that gays and lesbians have more partners sexually the an individual who is attracted to the opposite sex. It 's been said that gay individuals or couples are not as good of parents as a parent or parents that are attracted to the opposite sex because they are "introducing" their child…

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