Homosexuality: Inborn Trait or a Choice

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How does one define hate? Webster defines hate as feeling hostility or animosity toward someone. Much like love, hatred is often blind, making people prone to believe things that aren’t true. Many fall victim to this reality, resulting in feelings of animosity and prejudice with little or nothing to back it up. This hatred often has to do with race, religion, gender, politics or sexual orientation. As you know one can’t just go and change his or her skin tone or gender. It isn’t as if one was asked to be white, black, Hispanic, Native American exc., nor female or male. This is just the way the person was born. Seeing it from this point of view I wonder why a person will choose to be a homosexual. It isn’t that the person was born this way,…show more content…
Other researchers had previously reported that INAH3 was larger (on average) in men than in women. What he reported, based on a study of about forty brains obtained at autopsy, was that INAH3 was also larger in straight men than in gay men. William Byne, a neuroscientist and psychiatrist who is now on the faculty at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York. Initially, Byne suggested that INAH3 might not even exist. If it did exist, he said, it was probably the same size in men and women. And any difference that he had found between gay and straight men was most likely due to differences in the men 's cause of death, rather than their sexual orientation. (All the gay men in my study had died of complications of AIDS) Simon LeVay and Nevrve.com. This study gave some “proof” that being gay isn’t a choice but biological. That isn’t why this study was conducted. This study offers the hope that we will eventually be able to understand the origins of sexual orientation at a cellular level Simon LeVay. It is still unclear to tell if one is genetically prone to becoming a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or straight. Some researchers say it is a choice and other say it isn’t. Some homosexuals say it is a choice and others say it isn’t. Despite what they think researchers haven’t stopped their search to find out if the truth behind this

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